MathPlayer views and speaks web pages containing math. Accessibility for web environments using MathPlayer is limited to obsolete browsers such as Internet Explorer 8.

Together with MathType 7, MathPlayer can also make Word and PowerPoint (32 bits version) documents more accessible by providing a means for assistive technology such as screen readers and screen magnifiers to speak, navigate, and convert to braille math created with MathType 7 in those documents.

We are not actively developing MathPlayer. Nevertheless, at WIRIS we pursue the belief that math should be accessible to anyone. Mathtype, the leading equation editor worldwide, creates math content compatible with assistive technologies.

For Word (MathType coming soon), you can create accessible math equations with MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 .

While we understand that MathType doesn’t fully replace MathPlayer features, we’ve made the decision to go with an online tool that will allow us in turn to be more agile and to provide you with more frequent and complete updates in the future. We will progressively integrate a set of MathPlayer accessibility features into MathType (including support for 64-bit Word versions). Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a time frame for this.

Our support team is here to assist you, you can contact us at for technical queries, or for general information.

If you wish to get information about our world leading solution MathType, please visit our website here.