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$ 0.99

Math equation editor for all your apps:

  • Google Docs
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  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Pages
  • Keynotes
  • and many more.

Math equation editor for your educational platform:

  • Canvas
  • Moodle
  • Schoology
  • and many more.


Wiris Quizzes

For Office Tools

$ 2.99

per user and year (*)

per user and year (*)

per user and year (*)

STEM assessment tool for LMS

Overcome the challenges of math and STEM notation and break the limitation of multiple choice questions. 


  • Pricing based on blocks of 1 teacher + 40 students.
  • VAT not included.
  • Users: number of students and teachers who have access to the tools. Note that "users" is the amount of students who have access to our tools at least once throughout an academic year. It does NOT mean number of concurrent users nor total number of students in the institution.
  • MathType for Office Tools is also available for individuals at $ 39.95 per year. Purchase your subscription here.

Mass discounts available.

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MathType for Office Tools + MathType for LMS only $ 1.5 per user/year. (*)

Mass discounts available.

Available for Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, and other LMSs.

Mass discounts available.

Save more by purchasing them together: 

MathType for LMS + MathType for Office Tools only $ 1.5 per user/year. (*)

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